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Announcement to visitors of the Tony deMello website


My dear friends and followers of Anthony (Tony) deMello:


When I launched this website in July 2014, it was to continue my brother’s legacy with no intention of monetary gain. . I included a few video and audio recordings of Tony’s seminars and conferences which he delivered over several years in the USA.  Proceeds from the sale of the books advertised on this website (after tax) are donated to charity in Tony’s name.


So, I was very sad to discover that all video and audio content presented by my brother on this website, have been removed by YouTube on grounds of copyright infringement. I am in in no way condemning YouTube. They are after all just doing what they consider to be legal, based on claims made to them by the ‘so called’ owners of the copyright.

I would however, like to draw attention to the fact that this ‘so called‘ copyright which the ‘so called’ owners of these video and audio recordings claim, is highly suspect.


My brother never signed any contract or agreement with anyone in the United States or anywhere in the world, other than India. The only copyright in existence (which I know of) lies with the Jesuits of Mumbai province in India. Technically, the late Fr. Frank Stroud (the original founder of the organisation who have removed the content on Tony’s website) and my brother verbally agreed that all proceeds and royalties earned from the sale of books, audio and video recordings would be forwarded to the provincial of Mumbai; who in turn would remit the funds to Sadhana Institute in Lonavala, India (founded by my late brother).


Fr Stroud told me this personally when he visited Sydney after my brother died.


I have written permission from the Jesuits, to use whatever material (on Tony’s website) that originated from my brother. However, since I do not have the resources to challenge these people, I have decided not to contest the ban.

I find it very hard to understand why they have targeted this website, devoted to Anthony deMello, when all the material posted here, is freely available on YouTube and accessed daily on the Internet.


What is even more perplexing is that one of these men (the CEO of this organisation) wrote to me a few years ago to tell me that my brother’s teachings saved his life. What a miserable way to thank someone who saved his life!

There is nothing more I wish to add except to say that I am at peace. I wish those responsible for the removal of this material, every success in their venture, IF they are acting in the best interests of the Mumbai Jesuits.




Bill deMello.



Anthony (Tony DeMello), Jesuit Priest

Spiritual Leader

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