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Tony's 50th Birthday Celebration

Dear friends and followers of Tony's work.


On the 4th of September is Tony's birthday. He was born in the year 1931.

On the 4th of September 1981, his friends in India organised a 50th birthday celebration for him and they did that in the form of a Mass. A recording along with a photo of that day has been in my possession for a number of years. It is an old cassette recording with lots of distortions and background noises like coughing etc.

A dear friend of mine, Chris Buck who also happens to have designed Tony's website, tidied the recording up and I present it to you as Tony's birthday gift to you.


Tony, sings hymns, accompanying himself on the guitar and speaks about his life up to that moment and what he imagined in the future. The last hymn is also the title of his biography I wrote and published in 2012. I think it was a fitting title to the life and times of a Mystic.


Feel free to download the recording and share with your contacts if you wish. I am sorry I could not load the recording directly on Facebook and have to direct you the website instead. I welcome your comments.

Please click on the arrow to play the recording


Keep well, keep safe,


Bill deMello. 

Tony's 50th Birthday
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