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Audio Tracks from India

Dear visitors,


Some months ago, a religious sister from India mailed me two cassettes which were gifted to her by my brother Anthony (Tony) deMello. When I listened to them I realised that these were meditations recorded by Tony, from his book Call to Love, which was posthumously published in 1991 by Gujarat Sahitya Prakash in India. The recordings are of reasonable quality, given that the cassettes are over thirty years old. I believe they were recorded on a hand- held cassette recorder; so I was not surprised to hear some disturbances and other background sounds.

The sister who sent me the cassettes is not the only person whom Tony gifted copies of recordings which he used daily, in the early hours of the morning, during his Sadhana retreats in Lonavala.

I know of one organisation advertising similar recordings for sale, claiming copyright. I fail to understand how one can claim copyright to material which my brother distributed free of cost to others. Be that as it may, what I have in my possession are two original cassettes gifted to the sister by Tony and she in turn, has gifted them to me with the following instructions:

“Bill, I want to know whether you have received the two cassettes which Tony recorded and gifted to me long ago.
I leave you to decide what to do with them. I will be happy if some others also could benefit from these recordings”.

I offer them for everyone who visits this website. I have no desire to benefit financially from these recordings. What I desire is that Tony’s wisdom continues to be accessed and appreciated, by all who seek the Truth!

I am pleased to publish the first two meditations.

Stay tuned. There are a few more to follow!


Bill deMello.

Please note that these 2 audio tracks have a slight delay at the beginning

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