• Anthony (Tony) deMello SJ (September 4, 1931 - June 1, 1987) needs no introduction. [1]
    From May 20th to 25th 1987, Tony delivered a seminar to an estimated three hundred priests and nuns in the Papal Athenaeum in Pune, India. There were a few lay persons in attendance, invited by Tony. This would be Tony’s last and final seminar. A few days later, he travelled to the USA to deliver what would have been his biggest seminar ever. Sadly, Tony passed away in the USA the night before he delivered this seminar.
    Unless pre-arranged and agreed to by Tony, his seminars were never taped or filmed. Therefore his last seminar, delivered in May 1987, in Pune, India, would be but a blissful memory for those who attended it, never to be accessed by the wider community.
    I was therefore pleasantly surprised to receive messages from three of the attendees at this seminar, with the meticulous notes that they had taken.
    Fr. Joaquim Tellis SJ, one of the attendees, added in his cover letter:
    As discussed, I am sending you my notes, transcribed at Tony’s last seminar… I am very pleased to share these notes with you so that they may be published for the benefit of anyone who appreciates Tony as much as I do...
    This seminar opened my eyes to another world. The jokes he told during the seminar had us in splits of laughter but these were not merely to amuse us…
    If I am what I am today, it is due largely to Fr. Tony deMello S.J. I can never thank God enough for bringing him into my life”.
    The second person to send me notes is a religious sister who wishes to remain anonymous. In her cover letter she wrote:
    These are the notes I took (in shorthand) at Tony’s last seminar... I have saved and cherished them for all these years and I now pass them on to you. Please do try and get this seminar published.
    Tony was his usual jovial self, exuding joy and telling jokes. The talks sometimes lasted for eight hours (which he) delivered without notes. He kept us in splits of laugh