The Happy Wanderer

  • On the 31st of May 1987, Tony and I met at Fordham
    University and dined together. Later in the evening, I parted company with him, never to see him alive again. During Tony’s lifetime, I used to receive a complimentary copy of all his books, Video and Audio recordings. I was thrilled to receive them but never thought for a minute to read or listen to his work. I just assumed they would all be about religion and spirituality in neither of which I had an interest. Years after Tony died and when the internet became more easily accessible, I took great delight in searching for items of interest and finding instant answers to my questions. One day, just out of curiosity, I typed Tony’s name into a search engine and to my amazement, I saw more than a dozen sites devoted to my late brother. One thing led to another and I found myself subscribed to one of these sites. After a few weeks, I introduced myself to the site provider as Tony’s brother. Following that, he persuaded me to write a biography so that Tony’s life and death could be published for members of not only his website but for others as well.
    So, in the year 2000, with the help of Daphne and Dominic Gonzalvez, I did write and post a short biography on the internet about Tony’s life.
    1 The response to this biography has been phenomenal.
    I have received and continue to receive mail from people of 1 Bill:
    11 ---- all religions, from agnostics as well as atheists from all over the world. They thank me for the biography, tell me how Tony changed their lives and ask for more information about this remarkable man. Until now however, I have been preoccupied, getting on with my life and thinking that besides what I had written in the short biography, there was not much more to tell.
    Then early in 2010, one of my correspondents wrote and told me that she lived in the same city as I and that she was in the process of making a short documentary on Tony’s life.